A Comparison of a Few Insightful Greek Word Translations

Ephesians Chapter 1

Verse Greek Word[1] KJV Concordant Dabhar
:1 hagios saints saints holy ones
pistos faithful believers faithing
:3 epouranios heavenly places celestials heavenlies
:4 eklegomai chosen chooses outchose
katabolē Foundation disruption downcast
amōmos without blame flawless immaculate[2]
:5 proorizō Predestinated designating us beforehand forseeing
uihothesia adoption of children the place of a son son-setting
:7 apolutrōsis redemption deliverance unloosening
aphesis forgiveness forgiveness unloosening
:8 perisseuō Abounded lavishes Abounded
:11 klēroō obtained an inheritance lot was cast belotted
:12 proelpizō first trusted pre-expectant pre-expectancy
:13 sōtēria Salvation salvation saveguarding
:22 ecclēsia Church ecclesia Outcalled

[1] Only the first observed occurrences in the chapter.
[2] Used in the marginal footnote.


ἄφεσις (aphesis)

A compound word: “from-letting” [Concordant Keyword Concordance]) meaning “freedom.” Ultimate freedom from sin is far more than the traditional “forgiveness” or “pardon.” These are rooted in guilt. The followers of religion seek to obtain forgiveness through some means – concerted effort, confessions, prayers, penance, resolutions, etc. What Paul taught went well beyond “forgiveness.” The revelation given to him involved “justification,” which instead of being rooted in guilt, is rooted in righteousness.


Σταυρός (stauros)

An upright stake or pale, without any crosspiece (A.E. Knoch, Concordant Keyword Concordance, page 63; E.W. Clayton, “Tree or Pole,” Grace and Truth, Essay no. 21).


ἐκκλησία (ekklēsia, or ecclesia)

The Greek word often translated as “church” in most English versions is ἐκκλησία (ekklēsia, or ecclesia). The word is a compound word meaning “called-out” (ek = “out”; klēsi = “called”). The ecclesia is God’s “called-out” ones. The ecclesia is not a building or denomination; not a meeting, or doctrinal creed; it is not somewhere we go, or something we do – it is who we as believers are.