A Comparison of a Few Insightful Greek Word Translations

Ephesians Chapter 1

Verse Greek Word[1] KJV Concordant Dabhar
:1 hagios saints saints holy ones
pistos faithful believers faithing
:3 epouranios heavenly places celestials heavenlies
:4 eklegomai chosen chooses outchose
katabolē Foundation disruption downcast
amōmos without blame flawless immaculate[2]
:5 proorizō Predestinated designating us beforehand forseeing
uihothesia adoption of children the place of a son son-setting
:7 apolutrōsis redemption deliverance unloosening
aphesis forgiveness forgiveness unloosening
:8 perisseuō Abounded lavishes Abounded
:11 klēroō obtained an inheritance lot was cast belotted
:12 proelpizō first trusted pre-expectant pre-expectancy
:13 sōtēria Salvation salvation saveguarding
:22 ecclēsia Church ecclesia Outcalled

[1] Only the first observed occurrences in the chapter.
[2] Used in the marginal footnote.