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0370 - StudyAnother Look at “Bible Study” – The Misuse of II Timothy 2:15 and the Abuse of Christ’s Body

“You continue to bless me with messages that relieve the burden.” – Illinois
“Helped me shed major bondage.”– Michigan
“What a freeing teaching.” – Pennsylvania
“Finally relieved me of yet another religious burden.” – Poland
“Such a balm to my soul.” – Canada

(#0370) 65 pp,, PB, $4.95


4682 - KJV-400The King James Version – 400 Years of Bondage – 1611-2011

1611 was not a high spiritual mark in the history of the church, the Body of Christ. Instead of being a grand year of the pinnacle of preservation or perfection of God’s Word, it was rather the sad depths of the subtle corrupting of God’s Word by the historic union of governmental and ecclesiastical politics.

(#4682) 72 pp., PB. $9.95


Plowboys_Bible_cover_field_002.inddThe Plowboy’s Bible: God’s Word for Common Man

Shocking conclusions from the man that brought you The King James Bible Song. This book represents years of study and a significant change in understanding. Raised on and trained in a “King James Only” position, most of the author’s teaching ministry was centered on the defense of the KJV. He had early associations with major proponents of this position and their followers. He actively taught classes and seminars on the subject of Bible versions. For many years he distributed thousands of books from a collection of over 100 different titles in support of the KJV position. Here he shares what he has come to see that has caused him to completely abandon his former position.

(#4425) 254 pp., PB. $19.95